The Most Famous Cities in Morocco in 2022

Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay
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Through this blog post, I would like to walk you through some of the most beautiful and Famous Cities in Morocco, a combination of imperial cities (Fes, Meknes, Marrakech, Rabat…), contemporary cities, and touristic cities that every visitor fall into love with, after visiting it such as Essaouira, Chefchaouen, Merzouga (Erg Chebbi)…

Imperial Cities with many heavyweights of history. When you walking through them and having a look around, you will see and enjoy the buildings that tell you the story of these cities that last for centuries. 

Sahara desert of Erg Chebbi is in the southeast of Morocco, it’s known for the amazing camps inside the dunes of sand, and Camel trekking (don’t forget to pass by this place ).


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

In the heart of the Rif Area, surrounded by an Epic mountain Range, you will find one of the most famous cities in Morocco; Chefchaouen your beautiful escape from Noise and crowded places, it’s the most calming and comforting city comparing to other cities. While you are taking a break and having some peace of mind in Chefchaouen, don’t forget to visit its amazing sightseeings. Starting with the little narrows and alleys in Medina with its fascinating blue walls, walking through them makes you feel like you are walking through an invisible blue ocean. Also, don’t miss taking a look at the amazing gardens and traditional shops, not to mention Kasbah and the museum that summarizes and defines the historical weight of the city.   
Chefchaouen have the best weather during Spring, What makes it a paradise for hikers during this time, Not just in Spring, but at other times of the year too, because of the tempting walking trails on the epic Mountain range surrounding it.

Fez & Meknes

Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay
Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Fez and Meknes, As two of the largest and famous cities in Morocco, these two Imperial Cities with all their walls, towers, corners, alleys, palaces, buildings, mosques, plazas, and minarets. They represent the vibrant museum and the living witness to the history of Morocco. And that What makes them big tourist destinations in Morocco. Each one with its own characteristics and sightseeing will make you see a new side of the culture and have a new experience.

The capital of artisans, that’s another name of the imperial city of Fez. It was founded by “Idriss the First“ in the twelfth century, and has the oldest university in the world; the university of “Al-Karaouine “, also known for the quality of spices in its traditional markets. 

Just 40 miles from Fez lies the city of Meknes, known as the “Ismaili capital“. Which has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1996. Sahrij and Lahdim (a little version of Jamaa Lafna) are two spots of the most famous sightseeing in Meknes. 


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Marrakech as an imperial city, one of the largest cities, has its own flavor among many beautiful cities in Morocco. it catches you with its mix between the traditional (Medina, souks…) and contemporary (Guéliz and Hivernage districts)

You don’t want to miss the Entertainment and the joy that you’ll get from its friendly people, Marrakech; the red city has the most amazing Sightseeings, including the big square of Jama Lafnaa where you can find Entertainers such as acrobats, drummers, dancers, pipe musicians, comedians and storytellers surrounded by people.

People come to enjoy with Entrainers whenever they have free time, from all over the city, or even from all over the country, maybe. There are also EL-Koutoubia, Menara, palaces, the Majorelle Gardens, and other pleasant sightseeings.


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

The coastal city of Essaouira once was known as “Mogador”. The stories get different about where did the name of Mogador come from, is it an Amazigh name or a Portuguese one, which means the city with walls. Located on the Atlantic coast and It’s the link between two big poles of Moroccan tourism; Marrakech and Agadir.

If you set a foot in Essaouira; the bride of the Atlantic, then you should take some time to go to the Medina and walk through the alleys of one of the finest UNESCO-listed medinas in Morocco. As well as the delightful Harbor that looks like an amazing painting, filled with colorful boats that have been carefully decorated by local fishermen.
The mesmerizing Essaouira-Mogador is the city where you can have camel trekking while you exploring the stunning beaches, which are known for windsurfing and kitesurfing sports.


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Agadir is one of the pearls of Morocco. Located on the west of the country, facing the Atlantic waves. It has one of the great beaches with 10 Km or more long of shores, offers tourists magnificent views of the blue of the ocean and the opportunity to relax in the best conditions imaginable.

The city never sleeps and it is an energetic city in which you can relax and enjoy the warm and pleasant weather.
Along the beach, you’ll find luxury hotels and resorts beside Facilities for sports activities such as golf, tennis, equestrian, and others.


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Tangier the white city” is one of the largest cities in Morocco. Located in the north of Morocco, and it is the meeting point of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

The whole package of the different cultures and civilizations that passed through this city left behind a rich history and diverse cultures. If you walk through the alleys of Medina, you will notice an amazing mixture of colonial, Moorish, Andalusian, and Moroccan Architecture.

Tangier the jewel of the north with its own Clean beaches and remarkable sightseeing makes visitors come from different parts of the world. Some of them even call it home like the famous writers; Paul Bowles and William Burroughs. Just a few steps away from the Medina you will find the “Sultan’s Palace” which is nowadays dedicated to the arts of Morocco.

One of the interesting sightseeing that attracts visitors to Tangier is The Caves of Hercules that lies 14km west of Tangier in the Cap Spartel area.


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Rabat the imperial city is the capital of the kingdom of Morocco, and the second biggest city after Casablanca. Along the Atlantic Coast, it has miles of improved beaches until you reach the neighboring City of Casablanca.
They say that the city of Rabat is a city where the treasures of the past blend with the most environmentally friendly achievements. Treasures of the past that still stand to this day; the Medina that mix between different industries from different civilizations; Andalusia, Amazigh, and the Arabic one. As well as the “des Oudayas” Kasbah and other corners of the  City.


Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Erg-Chebi is the mighty Sahara desert located in the southeast of Morocco, a world of magic dunes with a flexible shape, get decorated through all the years by Nature, to give the visitors every time they come, a reason to come back over and over.
Merzouga is one of the famous villages in the South of Morocco, and it is the gateway to the Sahara desert as they call it. Along with palm groves, Small villages inhabited by Berbers (Amazigh people), surrounding the mighty Erg-Chebbi.

The Sahara desert is a unique experience that you can have in Morocco. Camping inside the dunes of sand is one of the famous Exciting things you can do in Erg Chebbi, as well as riding Camels while trekking the dunes. Not to mention the best views that you might see in your life of both sunrise and sunset. 

This is just a glimpse of the myriad cities and Spots that still big touristic destinations throughout Morocco. Make your way across the country and get to know and enjoy these treasures of Morocco, and get to know the intangible mix cultural heritage.

Treasures that covered With Dust, Maybe Old but Gold. 

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Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

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Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

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Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

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Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

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Famous Cities in Morocco, Pack In OneDay

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