The ultimate guide to selecting the best hiking backpack

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The ultimate guide to selecting the best hiking backpack

 Your hiking backpack is one of the core pieces of your gear because it’s the one that will store all the essential things you wanna pack with you for your trip. That’s why choosing the perfect one for you ain’t easy, because you won’t take just any Backpack, you need one with all the features that make a backpack perfect for hiking, and there are some things to consider while choosing :

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Things to Consider When you selecting the Best hiking Backpack​

1. The Capacity / The Size :

Choosing the right size is not really a big deal. Just answer these questions about how much you are staying? What time of the year you do the trip? And do you like to bring along a few extras?. And you will be able to decide the right size for your trip. As well as you can add this question of do you have a dated gear that doesn’t compress well? to your questions list.
The common size among backpackers is a 40-50L because most backpackers like to do short trips 1-3days, but if you like to save some space or bring on a few additional items. Then you may wanna choose a pack with a larger capacity… And it’s better to stick with the essentials and spare your back from the extra Weight :

  • Overnight: 35-50 liters
  • Weekend (2-3 nights): 45-70 liters
  • Extended trips (over 3 days): 60+ liters
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2. Backpack Weight :

the weight of your backpack is one of the important things that should not ignore while choosing your hiking backpack, you want your backpack to be as lightweight as possible as it can be, and have a good balance between weight, comfort, and durability.
But you don’t need to worry about heavy hiking backpacks anymore, Manufacturers have been listening to their clients, and most of the new models have dropped a lot of weight, and they still can handle your heavy load. Luckily some manufacturers also provide the load ratings for their packs, that’s why it’s also important to ballpark the total weight of your packing, which is another helpful point to help choose the right backpack for your loading. Here Below a guideline, to help you match the pack weight and hauling ability.

2-3 lb. pack weight = 15-35 pounds of gear
3-5 lb. pack weight = 30-50 pounds of gear
5+ lb. pack weight = 40-70 pounds of gear

3. Padding straps :

Thick straps with high quality are one of the important things you have to put into consideration while choosing your hiking backpack. It makes your backpack more comfortable, particularly in longer trips. The shoulder straps and hip belts especially.
And when we are talking about high-quality straps; they are straps that will last for long and provide firm support, not soft and compressible ones, because they won’t offer you the long-term support you need for hauling the heavy loads.

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4. Water Protection :

There are a lot of rugged hiking backpacks that can take the beating on the market, but you still want a water-resistant backpack that can keep your stuff from getting wet in unforeseen situations.

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No one likes it when his gear gets wet from rain or snow while he is making his favorite sport on the open wild, so while you choosing your  hiking backpack, you must place a high priority on water protection. The good news is that almost all the hiking backpacks offer decent water resistance with hard-face nylon and a durable water-repellant (DWR) coating. There is also the Dyneema material that can be pricy, but it’s worth the investment.

5. Frame :

Most of the hikers, who like to keep the load light choose to go with a frameless backpack because both internal and external frames can add extra weight to your shoulders.
Despite that, they still can be useful. They keep you stable on uneven terrains, especially the internal frame which is recommended for most hikers. Also, many of these internal frames include load-supporting technology that helps you with the weight and transfers it to your hips, while the external frame could be your best choice if you are carrying an irregular load.

6. Other features :

  • Ventilation: To avoid having sweat on your back, choose a backpack with a back panel and hip belt ventilation to help you dry the perspiration and keep your back cooler, especially if you backpacking in hot or humid weather, or carrying a heavy load.
  • Fit size: have a look at this guide to see how to make good use of your straps and make your backpack fit you.
  • Easy access: you will want easy access without unpacking the entire bag. It’s an important consideration, especially if the pack volume gets bigger.
  • Pockets: helpful with the easy access to your small items easily and also stay ordered, the more they exist the more you can distribute your gear the way you wanted.
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In order to save you hours of researching, we did extensive research on what expert travelers are recommending; adventurers that have been traveling around the world for years, living out of their bags, and have been trying several hiking backpacks through their journeys. 

 have  a look  on  the best travelling  backpacks you can  count on  while you enjoying your adventure.

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