when is the best time to visit Morocco?

 Depending on how do you like things to be; warmer, colder or just cool and nice. And depending on what you planning to do too, any time during the year could be the best time to visit Morocco.
If you come around in Spring or Autumn, you will enjoy the warm and pleasant weather all across Morocco not just in the North (the amazing spot for Nature lovers).
It can be very hot in Summer but the nights can be cold because the temperature drops and tends to plummet.
In the Winter between November and January, the Peaks get full with snowfall, which is the best time to visit Morocco for skiing and enjoying the snow in the little Switzerland Of Morocco ” Ifrane”.

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best time to visit Morocco, Pack In OneDay

if you are looking for warm and pleasant weather, running away from the scorching temperatures of summer and the freezing of winter, then the best time you should come around and visit Morocco is in between March and June, or between September and December; during spring or Autumn.
During these two pleasant seasons, it’s a great time to explore and experience all different parts of Morocco, but it can be windy in the South, especially in April. And it’s known for the sandstorms of the Sirocco wind.
Also, it is a suitable time to practice different activities and sports such as hiking, surfing, kayaking or maybe climbing…, As well as summer If you can stand the heat, and staying under the sun.

best time to visit Morocco, Pack In OneDay

Despite the heat, Summer (June, Juley, and August) is a peak tourist season. Coastal destinations like Tangier, Rabat, Agadir, and Essaouira get crowded, because Summer is the best time to visit Morocco’s beaches to catch the rays of the sun and have a great holiday with your family, as well as an escape from the intense heat of the country’s interior, like the city of Marrakech, Fez and southwest of Morocco where it can be uncomfortably hot.

But you’d better bring some warm clothes just in case because the temperature tends to plummet at night or after dark. Morocco has an arid climate, much like California’s climate, so it is like that after dark throughout the year not just in Summer.

best time to visit Morocco, Pack In OneDay

And of course, best time to visit Morocco for skiing and snowboarding is Winter; between November and January, because of the big amount of snowfall that the Atlas Mountains and northern Morocco know at this time. While it gets wet and rainy along the Coast and gets drier more, you go further towards the Sahara desert in southwest of Morocco and colder too, especially at night.

Any time during the year is a great and suitable time to visit Morocco. choose the right partner to go with, because the perfect Company is what will make your experience unforgettable and perfect even More. 

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best time to visit Morocco, Pack In OneDay

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